Book Trailer: Waising Miss Chloe.

This is the book trailer for "Waising miss Chloe" an inspiring and informative book from international author Sue Dymond. produced by mediaproducts.

2PK with Trevor Young

Sue Dymond, talks about her journey as an inspirational mum, and how life has been for her and her Daughter Chloe.

2HD with Dave Sutherland

International author, inspirational mum and speaker, Sue Dymond, talks with Dave Sutherland on Radio 2HD Newcastle, about her and her daughter Chloe's journey with Down syndrome.

2CC with Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson talks to author Sue Dymond about her new book "Removing the Fear of Raising a Child with Down Syndrome : Waising Miss Chloe".

3AW with Tom Elliot

Sue Dymond, Author of "Waising miss Chloe" Removing the fear or raising a child with Down syndrome, speaks with Tom Elliot on 3AW Drive disgusted by comments by Richard Dawkins.

MPS Glenn Ridge

International author, dedicated mum, and speaker Sue Dymond, speaks with Glenn Ridge, about her book, and amazing life.

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