I joined the Directory as Basic but now want to be Plus. How can I upgrade?

Go to your CPANEL and click on the Manage Your Business Listings button. Select the business listing you wish to upgrade and click the edit link. At the top on the listing panel you'll see where you can select a higher package. Once you save this you can go back the the CPANEL and click on Manage Your Orders to find you new upgrade order. You can now pay the outstanding amount.

How to Rate and Review

Please be logged in before you attempt to rate or review a business listing. You can find information about creating an account here.


Each business listing screen has a rating star. If no one has rated them yet, it will appear blank. When you are logged in you will see 2 rows of stars. The top row indicated the average rating and the second row indicates your rating. You can hover your mouse over the stars then click to apply your rating.


Leaving a review is both helpful and easy. You can see how many reviews have been made at the top part of the listing, under the ratings. You can click here to leave your review or you can scroll down to the bottom where you'll find more buttons to: write your review, reply to a review or even rate a review.

How to Create an Account

We'd love everyone to participate in banter. Each business listing has a ratings and reviews feature that anyone can participate in. Obviously we'd prefer only those that have had some form of connection to the business rate and review them.

In order to rate and review you must be a registered member of our website. The easiest way to become a member is to click the link below and sign up.


You can also click on the 'USERS' button in the top menu, then click on 'Login' which will bring up the pop-up login screen pictured below. You can then click on 'Create an account'


You will need to provide your name, a username, a password and a valid email address. The email address needs to be valid because we send an activation link to it that you need to click on to complete the registration.

This message will confirm that the email has been sent.


Now, check your emails for our activation link. It will look like this.


Click on the blue link and you're done. You can now log in using the 'USERS' button in the top menu. Or straight from the following screen that you will after activating.


How to advertise

We allow general advertising on our site. You don't need to be a disability service provider. Perhaps you are a user of our site and wish to add your support as a sponsor. The process for advertising is very similar to joining the village. Firstly you need to create an account and/or log in.

You can visit the 'Add your business' page, select 'Advertisers' as the package and follow the prompts to log in (if you aren't already).


The important part of the registration process is you must select the 'Website Advertising' category which will be shown at the bottom of the categories list. This will ensure your listings will appear in the appropriate places on our site.

Once you are a member you can create offers and events just like the other villagers.

NOTE: Your business, offers and events will be advertised at random places on our site for the specified timeframe of the package. After which you can renew the package mebership if you choose.

Add an Event

Plus members can advertise special events on the iDareU website. You might have be organising a special movie night or a guest speaker at your venue. Or you might just be having a week long sale. Whatever the event you can advertise here and it's very easy.

1. Make sure you're logged in

2. Click on the CPANEL in the main menu

3. Click on the Manage Events button


4. Your list of events will appear

5. You can add/edit or delete your events here.

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