iDareU Donations

Welcome to iDareU – the brand new charity, making the life of the carer and person with a disability easier, more dignified and more informative. BUT we can only achieve this with the help of you and other like you.

Donations will go towards:

  • Maintaining and growing our community directory, so it is never out-of-date.
  • Ensuring the directory is reaching ALL carers, people with disabilities and interested parties.
  • Upgrading the website to make it fully accessible and compliant to people with all disabilities
  • Growing the charity to a point we are able to pay our volunteers and employ staff.
  • Build and launch the iDareU App
  • Ensuring Carers and people with a disability don’t have to pay for much needed workshops and events.
  • Extending our growth from Metro Melbourne to National and onto International
  • Assist in paying for the hosting of our Disability Authors and Artists festival. A celebration in the creativity and skills of people with a disability.

Please click the button to contribute your donation.

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