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Inspire, Educate, Change, Unite


We have a few things going on. Workshops, fundraisers and more.


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Practical Support, Guidance and Advocacy

  Assistance with COVID 19, NDIS and any other advocacy needs.

 These sessions are tailored to YOU

Totally confused and frustrated by COVID 19, NDIS or feel you are not being heard?
We completely understand your frustration and can help you get the best out of your life! We speak your language and are passionate unpaid carers, so understand the journey and can help you be HEARD!!!

New Investment structure
Customised Support and Advocacy Service

Hourly Rate /


No Charge

Assistance with having supports during isolation

$        98.00

Assistance with managing isolation

$        98.00

Self-Management training and assistance

$        98.00

Assistance with finding supports and services

$        98.00

Zoom and other app or technical device training

$        98.00

* Advocacy  (see below)

(ie: with schools, employment, providers and NDIS )

$        98.00

WHERE: Phone Meetings or Zoom (Video Meeting)                                         Minimum 1 hour charge



Contact iDareU on: 0468854186

Or email:

Sessions usually go for between 1-3 hours


iDareU has a dream of creating a world where carers and people with a disability don’t have to work so hard to belong, by making EVERYONE Aware

Giving the Resources to Services Providers, Communities, Carers and Client,

Empowering the carers and people with a disability, so we can all work and co-exist in Unity

Our Mission: is to Empower People through Social Change and achieve:

Our Vision: Natural inclusion in the greater community for people with disabilities and their carers by 2021.

Our Objectives: are to: deliver workshops, festivals & events, to achieve:

Our Goal: Create effective connections between Service Providers, Businesses and Families with Disabilities


iDareU are now offering membership plans for individuals and organisations. Join us and make a difference.


A collection of video and audio of iDareU founder, Sue Dymond, in the media.


What People are Saying

  • Amazing Support - The support Sue provided me to help navigate the NDIS application process was amazing.  I wouldn’t have known where to start on my own, and she is a brilliant advocate both before, during and after the planning meeting.  She is passionate about helping us make the most of the funding and services available, and without her help I would have ...
  • Sue’s our superhero - We have been connected with sue and IdareU for a few years now and we would honestly be lost without the strength and empowerment and knowledge she instills in me every time we talk. Sue has empowered and encouraged our family through the disability world equipping me with tools too navigate the new and constantly changing NDIS! Sue has been ...
  • NDIS Planning Meeting Support - Today started out as nerve wracking, as I counted down the hours that I was to front up to the NDIS office for my Daughter's second NDIS Planning meeting.
  • It has been very reassuring to have somebody like this to support me - I am the mother of an adult daughter with Down syndrome and have just completed my first year as a self-managed NDIS participant.
  • C&M your Belonging WORKSHOP - I left there today feeling very sure that I would be doing things quite differently from now on….
  • Creating & Maintaining your Belonging workshop - Hi Sue, Your workshop was very good. You gave everyone the opportunity to express themselves, tell their stories. This is something, as you know, that us mums cannot share how we feel or have someone to listen to us, and understand what we are talking about.